Made of copper electrical tape according to GOST 1173-93, is used for the manufacture of its printing plates, various capacitor plates, electrically conductive coils, cooling plates, etc. Its use is particularly justified in those cases where a sufficient electrical conductivity.
The main properties that characterize the copper electrical tape are:
- High corrosion resistance;
- Good thermal conductivity;
- Harmless to humans during processing and further use;
- Ease of processing, electrical tape copper is easily bending, stretching, other types of machining.
Electrical Tape copper produced most cold-deformation of copper M1 brands M1p GOST 859, supplied in coils and stretches of random length. Often the following varieties:
- Soft (M), a semi-solid (R) and rigid (T);
- Normalized depth of extrusion (GW), the normalized deflection (GHG) emissions;
- Designed specifically for power capacitors and transformer windings (CO);
- Elevated, normal and high-precision manufacturing.
The most popular and useful are copper tape M1 hard or soft, and M2P M1R or semi-solid.
High-quality copper tape produced clean, free of defects, which may lead the belt thickness deviation beyond. Hem edges and large burrs are not permitted. According to GOST possible browning discolouration and minor burrs, do not hinder its intended use.

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