Copper-phosphorous alloy - an alloy, which is based on copper and phosphorus (besides impurities are main components). According to GOST 4515 share two brands: MF10, where the mass fraction of phosphorus close to 10% (from 9.5 to 11); MF9 and where the mass fraction of phosphorus around 9% (8 to 9.5). Mass fraction of both alloy components together should be at least 99.8 and 99.5 percent, respectively. Most MF10 produce for export and for domestic consumption MF9. For a quick visual differences between the two marks on the product are color-coded. For MF10 color indelible paint white, black and for MF9. The alloy is produced in the form of plates 30h370h215 mm. The deviation from this norm is 5 - 10 mm. Some consumers are willing to get the material in the form of long strips or rods, so manufacturers can vary the type of manufactured products at the buyer's discretion. Each plate or strip should have a uniform consistency without any inclusions. There are several areas where the use of copper-phosphorous alloy is: is its use as a deoxidizer during melting brass; Adds a member of various bronzes; -to a solder containing phosphorous; -for improve the strength properties of the products of aluminum and silicon alloy (for example, the cylinder blocks of internal combustion engines, copper-phosphorous alloy added to the cast in an amount of 0.1 - 0.2%). When shipping a special attention to dry - humidity is strictly prohibited both in transit and in storage.

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