Our company offers its customers a nickel cathode (cathode plate) 4-H and other brands. Nickel high ductility, is of particular strength and resistance to corrosion. This metal has a high melting point and catalytic ability. Due to its properties Nickel is widely used in machinery, instrumentation, medicine and other fields. He remarkably amenable to all types of welding and soldered hard and soft solders.

The most important impurities in the sulfur is considered nickel, lead, bismuth, zinc, antimony. It is used for the cathode of a nickel alloying of hard alloys and steels. The cathode is a nickel plate of a certain thickness and dimensions. we also provide nickel in the form of pellets, bars. Ingots, in turn, are weighing up to 25 kilograms, they must be free of foreign bodies and remove burrs. The cathode may be nickel is cut in accordance with the requested dimensions. By purchasing a nickel cathode in our company, the customer can be assured of the quality of products and properly executed documents. Each package is provided with necessarily special label bearing the name of the product, the nickel grade, seat number and the party, gross and net weight, standard. Supplied on a long-term storage the nickel cathode is marked with indelible paint. If nickel is supposed to be transported by road, the manufacturer may agree with the buyer without the transport packaging boxes. Transporting a nickel cathode can be any kind of transport. GOST 849-97 allows defects among a certain number of products. Nickel cathode, offered by our company, provided all the necessary documentation. Please contact us.

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