According to GOST 18482-79 thick-walled aluminum and aluminum alloys is considered to be a pipe, in which the wall thickness is greater than 5 mm. The ratio of the diameter to the wall thickness of such pipes should range from 6 to 12.5. The main brands of alloys, which are made of aluminum tubes are: AD1, AMg3, AMg5, AMg6. The diameter can vary from 18 to 360 mm; wall thickness should not exceed the value to diameter ratio of 12.5; GOST 18482-79 length should be in the range of 1.5 to 11.5 m. The wall thickness allows the use of these products for liquid and gaseous substances under great pressure. Therefore, the main use of such pipes - chemical industry. Resistance to corrosion allows to maintain the tube in contact with aggressive media. Small friction coefficient allows to transport bulk materials as well. Thick-walled aluminum pipe used in wells with procuring natural resources. In construction it is used as a protective shell for utilities (electrical wiring, conduit) even under the ground, as well as the frame elements in the construction of buildings and structures.

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