Thin-walled aluminum tube - a tube, the main feature of which is, among other aluminum tubes, is the ratio of wall thickness to diameter. Thin tube from aluminum are available in different shapes - round and shaped (square, rectangle). In the manufacture of aluminum alloys are technical AD1 doped magnesium AMG3, AMg5, AMG6, duralumin D16, D16T. Like other products of aluminum alloys, aluminum, thin-walled tubes are characterized by low density and ease. Technical conditions under which the produced aluminum thin-walled tube, described in GOST 18482-79. The composition and quality of going to the production of alloys are regulated by GOST 1131-76, GOST 11069-74, GOST 4784-74. Stamps alloys differ significantly in properties, due to different compositions. To increase the strength of the initially low peening methods are used, quenching and aging. Thin-walled aluminum tube can be made in three ways - by rolling, pressing or welding. 1-11,5 tubes have a length m, the wall thickness of 0.5-5 mm. Use thin-walled aluminum tube often for manufacturing of cryogenic equipment, furniture parts and appliances, as a casing for various electrical products, it is a carcass material in the manufacture of structures, used pipe for supplying liquid and gaseous substances.

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