An alloy composed of copper and tin, called tin bronze. There are also more complex bronze with the addition of other alloying metals (zinc, nickel, phosphorus, lead and others.)
There are foundry (GOST 613) and deformable (GOST 5017) tin bronze. Alloy Marking BrOTsS implies the following metals: Br - copper, O - tin, C - lead, C - zinc.
On the basis of GOST 163 tin bronze OCS is divided into several types. Depending on the percentage of base metals, as well as the presence of impurities, the alloys are marked:
BrOSTs3-12-5 (rebar production);
BrOSTs5-5-5, BrOSTs6-6-3, BrOSTs4-4-17 (making anti-friction parts -porshni, bearings); BrOSTs3,5-6,5 (production machinery parts).
Features and properties.
Thanks to the addition of tin, the alloy has excellent casting properties. Typical low shrinkage, little fluidity in the molten state, improved resistance to corrosion at all temperatures, excellent mechanical characteristics. Castings foundry bronzes do not give shrinkage cavities, have a high density, resistance to mechanical and chemical influences.
In practice, the production of tin bronze is used by 9% to 11% tin. The cast alloy has a resistance of about 20 kg \ mm2 and elongation of 10%. These rates affect the mechanical properties of bronze - at the same time hardness and brittleness of the alloy.
Methods of production.
The casting tin bronze OCS (BrOTsS5-5-5) produced by continuous centrifugal casting or chill casting, tin content of 5-6%.
Wrought alloys (BrOTsS4-4-2,5 and BrOTsS4-4-4) is treated with pressure, that is, produce a way of stamping or pressing.
Form and packaging.
OCS deformable tin bronze often manufactured in the form of ribbons, tubes, wires of different sections of the sheet. For the production of anti-friction parts from brand BrOTsS5-5-5 produce hollow round billet and guides. But this is only a small part of the form in which the bronze is supplied.
The alloy is used in mechanical engineering and engine construction, for the construction of communications technology for the production of decorative products. From alloy BrOTsS produce:
pipe fittings, motor bearing inserts;
parts for engines operating on friction;
sleeve piston in engine,
crowns worm gears at speeds up to 10 m \ s.

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