Tinned copper wire represents the non-ferrous metal product, often with a circular cross-section, or in the form of a rectangle. Made of high-quality copper with a solid protective tin coating over its entire surface. The need for such a coating caused by the physical feature of the copper itself, which over time may be subject to oxidation processes, so this product to give greater strength and durability used process called "tinning". Tinned copper wire has useful properties such as corrosion resistance, high conductivity, good ductility and fracture toughness. It can properly serve for many years without any changes in appearance and its properties. Such characteristics of the material and define its scope. So, tinned copper wire is actively used in the electrical industry for the manufacture of a variety of devices and installations, as well as the production of conductive cords, wires, cables and much more. Furthermore, it can be used for other purposes. Wire is divided into two main types, namely: tinned copper wire soft (grade MML) and tinned copper wire, solid (Brand MTL). In addition, the release also wire for overhead lines MS communication wire OFC (IMB), soft (MME) and the solid (MFE) wire for enamelling (MME). Available tinned copper wires of different diameters from 0.02 to 9.42 mm in coils or wound into coils. A prerequisite for this is the lack of large bends and kinks throughout.

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