Tool steel - alloy or carbon steel intended for the manufacture of cutting and measuring tools, dies of cold and hot deformation, machine parts, experiencing increased wear at moderate dynamic loads. Tool steel is divided into: tool steel, carbon; tool steel alloy; tool steel, a roller; tool steel die; high-speed tool steel; tool carbon steel. Tool carbon steel is used for making tools (drills, taps, reamers, files, etc.), Working in a relatively light cutting conditions (low speed, heating temperature of the tool is not above 2000C).

Alloy tool steel - steel, which in the process of alloying in the specified amounts administered special components that provide desired attributes. Such elements called dopants. They can improve the strength and corrosion resistance of the steel and to reduce the risk of becoming brittle. For steel alloying the following chemical elements: manganese (Mn) - T; Silicon (Si) - C; Chromium (Cr) - X; Nickel (Ni) - H; Copper (Cu) - D; nitrogen (N) - A; Vanadium (V) - F; niobium (Nb) - B; tungsten (W) - B; Selenium (Se) - E; cobalt (Co) - R; Beryllium (Be) - A; molybdenum (Mo) - M; Boron (B) - P; titanium (Ti) - T; aluminum (Al) - Yu.

Classification of alloy steels by alloying elements:
High-alloy - the total weight of the alloying elements more than 10%;
Medium alloy - the total weight of the alloying element in a 2.5-10%;
Low alloy - the total weight of the alloying elements up to 2.5%.

Classification of alloy steels by appointment:
I - for the manufacture of a tool used for machining of metals and other materials in the cold condition;
II - for the manufacture of a tool used for metal forming at temperatures above 300C C.
High-speed tool steel is used to make most often cutting tools. High speed tool steel combines high thermostability (600-6500S depending on the composition and processing) with high hardness, wear resistance (at elevated temperatures) and improved resistance to plastic deformation.

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