U-shaped aluminum profile, often referred to as the channel, characterized by continuous, not having cavities section. Products are usually used as the docking components in various designs, applied in aviation and mechanical engineering, design, construction, furniture making. They are made of aluminum n-profiles bending techniques, pressing, stamping, meet GOST 22233, GOST 8617, a number of different specifications and OST. Channels are classified by purpose: electrical, general, to reflect, fencing and other structures. Produced Profile Aluminum n-Shaped D16 alloys AMts, AD31, AMg2, AMg3 that meet GOST 4784. Condition material tempered, annealed or less aged. Available channels without processing, different precision manufacturing, the degree of strength and so forth. The marking commodity profiles indicate sectional height (10 cm) section width (20 cm) length product (6 m), flange thickness (12 mm) alloy name, type of heat treatment, performance and others. The profiles can be standard sizes or corresponding drawings of the customer. U-shaped aluminum profile repairable, durable, durable, environmentally friendly, heat-resistant, withstands corrosion. Aluminium U-shaped profile is traditionally supplied in bundles, protected by powder-coated, painted, if necessary, anodizing and other means.

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