One of the trading positions offered in the market by our company, is a nickel-aluminum wire. We have successful experience in the field of non-ferrous metals and offer its customers high-quality products at reasonable prices, well-established service system, prompt registration of all documents.

Nickel-aluminum wire consists of seven main core conductors which is placed in an aluminum bag. Conductor, which is in the center of the core is made of aluminum, and six outer conductors - nickel. Our proposed nickel-aluminum wire has a certificate of conformity.

The chemical composition can be compared with a very strong solid solution of aluminum and nickel, created on an ad hoc basis Ni3Al compound. Wire of nickel-aluminum necessarily stored in such conditions that avoid corrosion and dirt on it. Before you start applying a wire of nickel-aluminum gasoline passes degreasing procedure. Poor adhesion of many common materials with conventional substrates, as well as significantly different temperature gradients led to the creation of such a method, when the substrate is initially applied underlayer, which is characteristic of a remarkable adhesion, and then sprayed the main material. Nichrome wire and nickel-aluminum is currently considered the most suitable materials for the spacer layers. Use wire of nickel-aluminum underlayer styling spray on various steel surfaces. For example, it is applied in the automotive industry to plug into the derailleur, and top coated with bronze. Such a method is advantageous subcoating other ways. Plugs in which the underlayer is of nickel-aluminum wire, have twice the wear resistance. This contributes to greater uniformity of the coating. The name "Alyunik 7/1" happened under the abbreviated name of the materials from which the wire is made of aluminum and nickel. A fraction indicates the number of strands in the wire.

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