Wire Zinc TS1 is a type of rolled zinc in our range. It is made of zinc labeled TS1. The zinc content is at least 99.5%. The remainder of the alloy - it impurities such as iron, copper, lead and cadmium. Use wire zinc TS1 often zinc coating various surfaces, usually of metal, spraying. The diameter of the wire varies from 1.5 to 3.2 millimeter tenths. Made TS1 wire in accordance with the requirements of GOST 13073-77 by cold deformation. Wire Zinc TS1 according to the standards the industry, should not have surface defects such as cracks, delamination, scratches or traces of oxidation. It comes the view rolled zinc parties, and they are collected in the coils, and then bind to the bay. From each batch are selected by two bundles of which take part in consequence of a wire for chemical analysis. External quality control is subjected to each of the coils of wire, without using magnifying devices. Wire Zinc TS1 must have a circular cross section. GOST allow small deviations in diameter, however, to products with diameters of two and a half and three millimeters of their minimum value. This wire increased manufacturing precision. With regard to transportation and storage, then they are not facing any special requirements. Wire Zinc TS1 is safe in storage and use, virtually the only condition for its storage is not an assumption contact with skeins of precipitation. Transporting zinc wire TS1 can any covered transport.

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