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Company BITimpex Anstalt LTD, was founded in 2006 for the purpose of export softwood and hardwood (pine, spruce, fir, beech, oak, ash, birch, horn beech) logs and timbers. We export the different range of products, such as board, timber, blanks for euro-pallets (pallets), logs; balances for the pulp industry; veneer logs; technical raw material for particleboard, medium density fiberboard, laminated board; raw materials for the manufacture of plywood. Our company has been exporting timber to Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

Our company takes its rightful place in Europe among the logging and wood processing enterprises, has many years of worldwide experience in the processing and sale of wood products.

Sawmill and drying equipment complex allows us to take into processing 10 000 m?? of round softwood and hardwood timber monthly. The logs are conversed on a new gang and tape equipment with the capacity of 400 m3 of sawn timber edging shift. The equipment allows to produce timber of correct geometry eliminates the waviness, fringe.

The company also has its own packaging department; drying compartment with household and technical facilities; finished products warehouse; high-tech equipment for sawing, sorting of timber; manipulators for log feeding and transportation; drying chambers; energy capacity. Wood equipment is constantly updated.

We produce high-grade export quality timber on the modern equipment that gives the minimal amount of waste, which allows us to keep the price level for the timber at a low level, despite the highest quality of products. All the exported products comply with the international and European standards of quality, certified and ISO-9001. BITimpex Anstalt LTD has the certificates for the entire range of timber.

During its existence, the company organized the transportation by sea, rail or road, sometimes container transportation. The literate professionals work in the team of our company who constantly improve their knowledge and skills. Realizing that in todays rapidly changing business world, portability is important, we are actively developing new markets and distribution ways. Our company continually strives for excellence and is open to cooperation.

All products Bitimpex Anstalt LTD is certified in accordance with the standards of the and ISO. And there are certificates of laboratory tests by independent surveyor SGS and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine.





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