Zinc alloy TSAM4-1 - a zinc alloy, aluminum and copper, and the numbers following abbreviations indicate percentage alloying elements contained in the alloy, that is, 4% aluminum, and 1% copper. So what are the main advantages of this zinc alloy presents? The main thing - is the low production cost of the alloy, while retaining the strength characteristics of a wide band and low energy cost due to a low melting temperature. This zinc alloy is widespread in the construction industry, mechanical engineering, used for the manufacture of structural and decorative elements. Its ability to lower corrosion also much appreciated. Another distinguishes this material is that it can be thin-walled and porous in casting. This led him into the automobile industry, where it is made into different parts of assemblies and mechanisms are made radiators and more. Plus, the ease with which the zinc alloy applied on paint, chrome plating, oxidation, and so on. The increased fluidity at casting a chance to get complex shapes. Durability is also an advantage of this material. Do not be amiss to mention that of the zinc alloy products quite well processed by mechanical means, although it rarely happens that the machining did not what to use as a zinc alloy exhibits excellent surface accuracy and forms with the appropriate casting. Often in the process zinc alloy replaces brass, bronze, cast iron, aluminum alloys. Nowadays, modern production is hard to imagine my life without this versatile material.

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