Zinc granular presented in range of our company is the same as zinc, plastic silvery white metal but in the form of granules and cleaner. It is flexible enough to quickly darkens and outdoors. This is because the granular zinc reacts with oxygen and is covered with an oxide film. Granular zinc is used as reducing agent at different process and chemical processes. As an example, mention may be made of them, as precipitation of gold from cyanide solutions, the development of cadmium and copper by purification of zinc sulfate, as well as the creation of hydrosulfite. Granular Zinc can also be used to create a variety of alloys, types such as intermetallic compounds, for example. Made of zinc granulated batches, each of which must contain granules with the same chemical composition. We are always ready to supply you with granular zinc in any volumes and with the necessary characteristics to you. Transportation of finished products is carried out in special airtight containers or in dense PET packages. It should avoid zinc oxidation as a result of exposure to air. Store zinc granules is necessary in areas with low air humidity, avoiding direct sunlight. Our organization is always ready to offer you excellent quality granules of zinc at a reasonable price. If necessary, we will arrange delivery of the goods ordered by you.

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