Zinc ingots are used in a variety of industries it comes with different degrees of purity - of different brands. Each brand has its own designation in accordance with GOST 3640.
Zinc ingots is a raw material for the production of zinc alloys and products made of zinc: -zinc anodes; zinc tape; -zinc wire. -zinc sheets. Zinc ingots labeled CV goes in pigs approximately 25 kg, except for the brand TSV00, the weight distribution of 5 or 10 kg. It is necessary to pay attention to the customer that zinc ingots GOST 3640 may be made of the weight which the customer requires, if it is specified in advance. Zinc in pigs has optimum for packages in the form of folding on pigs have grooves to separate them apart. When viewed from the appearance of the zinc ingots, should pay attention to the fact that there are no visible inclusions of slag. There should not be unknown alien inclusions and fracture of pigs. Supporting documents for zinc ingots should include heat number, the results of the chemical analyzes produced. At the ends of each ingots deposited multicolored stripes that represent the brand of metal. Deliver zinc ingots in all modes of transport, which is suitable for the carriage of this cargo. Store packed in closed rooms, and guard against contact with pigs of different chemicals and other types of pollution. Zinc ingots may be stored up to 15 years from date of manufacture. After this period, the products must be checked for suitability and compliance with quality standards.

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