Zinc ingots are a type of our products. Scope of this metal is very wide, because of its physical and chemical properties. Zinc ingots used to produce a wide variety of zinc semi - sheets, strips, bars, etc. In addition, zinc ingots used to create a variety of metal alloys - printing, tread, foundry and anti-friction. Depending on the purity of the material, zinc is divided into several grades, among which the largest percentage of zinc is TSV00 mark - not less than 99.997% of the metal therein.
Zinc ingots supplied by us in full compliance with the requirements of GOST. At all stages of production established strict quality control, so we offer our customers only the best products at reasonable prices. Zinc ingots must be of good quality to have a flat surface without delaminations and cracks. Their presence suggests that before you a product made with violations of the process. On the surface of the ingots must also be free of burrs. GOST admits the presence of small undulations, and does not consider it a sign of rejection. The finished products are marked with colored stripes on end. For example, zinc ingots brand TS1 marked green stripe, C2 - a strip of red, and w3 - brown. In the production of zinc TSV00 brand mark is not applied, and stamped on the container or packaging. We supply zinc ingots of different brands. In agreement with the customer, our organization is ready to supply zinc ingots with desired performance and weight.

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