Zinc ingot is a specific form of the metal, is a raw material, which is produced from various types of metal products and the destination. The shape of the ingot is chosen for optimum packaging and use in further processing. Zinc is one of the most used non-ferrous metals, the total consumption of zinc ingots is 4-5% of the metal. Chushka zinc GOST 3640 is the following brands: U0, TS0A, TS1, TS1S, U2, TS2S, w3, TS3S, CV, TSV0, TSV00. Weight ingots GOST installed and is about 25 kg. This provision applies to all brands except TSV00, zinc ingot brand TSV00 can be produced with a weight of 5 kg and 10 kg. Each zinc brand distinguished by the color of the paint, which is marked by:
W3 - Brown
U2 - Red
TS1 - Green
U0 - White
CV - Yellow
TSV0 - blue Most of the pig goes on the zinc galvanizing for corrosion protection and production of zinc alloys. Basic zinc alloys are melted with the addition of aluminum and copper - CAM. The additive alloy may be present 0.1% magnesium. This is done in order to increase the corrosion resistance and stability of molded parts in size. In parts of zinc alloys can be applied for even greater stability solo chromium, nickel and others.

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