Tape Zinc and Zinc plate (including for electroplating) are a type of rolled zinc, which we supply. Zinc plate is made in accordance with the terms of reference agreed with the customer, using the zinc grades U0, TS1S and TS1. The chemical composition of each of these marks is set to GOST 3640. metal zinc plate should have a smooth surface free of impurities that could hinder visual inspection. The presence of chips, cracks or stratification marker of poor quality products. The most common zinc plates supplied by us, have a thickness of 4 to 20 millimeters. Zinc plate made by your specifications, will reduce the cost of special equipment for metal processing. It can be used as an anode for electroplating or for further machining. Excellent quality plates and fine grain structure is provided by a modern rolling mill and continuous quality control. The anode plate rolled zinc electroplating allows the inclusion of reverse current that using anodes cast zinc leads to their destruction and precipitation of, and hence pollution of the working environment. Rolled zinc plate will reduce energy costs. Our company will produce for you plates and zinc plates of different thicknesses in the shortest possible time, at the same time you will be pleased and high quality products and reasonable price.

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