In the interaction with the environment, many metals self-destruct. They are covered with rust, crumble, lose resistance. Adverse conditions, high temperatures and humidity significantly accelerate this process. One type of protection of metal structures is the application of a thin layer of zinc, wherein zinc powder is used. In carrying out the method of cold galvanizing, metal surfaces are applied several layers of soil, in which the composition has a zinc powder. Primer is applied with a thin layer by brush, roller, by any of the methods of airless or pneumatic spray. In such methods, the use of zinc powder is less dangerous to use, a person inhaling the vapors of zinc dust can poisoned. After applying the primer layer, the product becomes protected against corrosion.
Often PTS1 zinc powder is used and the method of applying a hot zinc coating on metal surfaces - thermal diffusion coating. This method is suitable for the corrosion protection of parts with holes, carvings, prefabricated parts of various configurations of cast iron, all types of steel. If thermal diffusion zinc coating can get almost any desired thickness of the zinc layer. Zinc powder is used in the combination of zinc coatings, which consist of alternating layers, which are applied to the product. World practice of this method calls a "duplex system". On the surface of the metal part, a layer of a mixture of zinc powder, is then coated with lacquer or polymer waterproofing layer. Also, the zinc powder is used in the production of zinc oxide, as a constituent element for chemical power sources - in batteries and accumulators.
In developing our zinc powder is not used secondary, because By definition, primary zinc powder to spoil its impurities cannot, they are in it to a minimum, which is not true of secondary housing.

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