Among the different types of rolled metal demand zinc and materials from it. Enough broad scope has zinc powder PTS3 - fines, zinc recycling product into a powder. Zinc powder included in the paints. They paint the metal constructions and designs, which are operated in adverse weather conditions. Zinc powder is one of the paint components, which have excellent anti-corrosion properties. Covering such a paint base material, it is possible to save the structure from damage and prolong its service life. Zinc powder is consumed by the pharmaceutical industry. Of zinc powder used in the chemical industry, it is a component in the manufacture of lubricants, plastics, including fluoroplastic. The zinc powder used in hydrometallurgy, where the leaching process with aqueous solutions of the chemicals recovered from concentrates, ores, as well as production waste pure metals - nickel, zinc, copper, aluminum and other metals. Recycling non-ferrous metallurgy allows the economical use of raw materials and benefit economically, since Recycled raw material contains gangue as ores and concentrates, and much richer content of recoverable elements. Zinc powder displace precious metals such as gold and silver from cyanide solutions. Zinc powder PTS3 is the raw material during the thermal diffusion zinc coating procedure that protects the surface of metal parts from corrosion. Powder is used in pyrotechnics - it is part of the mix that colors the flame blue. Adhering to the technology, we are confident in the high quality of its products.

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