Zinc powder PTS4 regulated by GOST 12601. It is consumed as a raw material in the metallurgical, electrical, petrochemical, aircraft industry, often to produce coatings resistant to corrosion. For example thermal diffusion galvanizing products. Depending on the production parameters and zinc powder is divided into two classes: A class - fine zinc powder is produced by rectification; B Class - coarse zinc powder produced by spraying. In Class A brands include powder PTS1, PTS2, PTS3, PTS4, and in Class B include powder PTS5, PTS6, PTS7. Brand powder produced dictates the chemical composition of the powder - the ratio of zinc and metal impurities. Zinc powder itself is a powdery gray powder, it is not allowed sorts of non-metallic inclusions. Each manufacturer of zinc powder must control the particle size of the powder (Class A - up to 160 m, Class B - up to 630 microns). Implemented by zinc powder in sealed packaging - buckets / drums with large packaging and plastic bags with small packages. zinc powder in the production of a danger to human health - zinc dust in contact through the respiratory and digestive organs can cause poisoning organism. Because of this, when it is used requires adequate protection.

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