The modern world industry produces many different grades of zinc powders that differ in chemical composition and particle size and shape. The zinc powders have a particle shape of a sphere, ellipse, and the shape of flakes. Most small size of the powder is zinc dust. Produced zinc dust produced in different ways. The molten metal is atomized in a vacuum, and then cooled. Or is precipitated from aqueous solutions by means of current. The product is extracted from the condensation of zinc and retorts in special autoclaves. Zinc dust can be milled by different mechanical means. Most zinc dust used in the production of special paints and coatings, which have anti-corrosion properties. Zinc dust is used in hydro-electrometallurgy, including in procuring gold. The product is used during thermal diffusion galvanizing. This method of coating a layer of zinc metal surface much more effectively galvanizing. Thermodiffusion zinc coating is more uniform in structure, this method can galvanize products of complex shapes and threaded connections, parts with holes, modular configuration. zinc dust is used in the manufacture of tires, in powder metallurgy, production of pyrotechnics. Zinc dust is sold in sealed packaging - plastic bags, metal containers of different sizes. If the powder is used for the production of batteries, the raw material to be packaged in pre-galvanized containers. Permissible to use another package, provided that the container will be maintained tightness. By agreement between the purchaser may use different versions of the packages. When transporting this type of product, you need to be careful, avoid contact of flammable materials, acids, alkalis. If stored properly zinc dust does not lose its properties of six months from the date of manufacture.

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