Tread Zinc - one of the types of products offered in our wide range. More often, it is used to protect pipelines, underwater vessels (external and internal) from corrosion. In most cases, the ship is painted to prevent the harmful effects of water, however, over time the coating may be damaged, leading to the appearance of corrosion. Can fully protect the vessel using only zinc tread. It creates an electrical circuit between them and the protected surface. It should be borne in mind that such a figure as the electronegativity of the tread material should be greater than that of the vessel material. Also, zinc protector is used to protect the inside of the ship's tanks and tankers. Zinc Protector, offered by us, is fully consistent with the standards GOST 26251. In accordance with the requirements of this document, we supply non-disconnectable protector of TSP1 zinc alloys, and TSP2 TSP3 two types: P-REC-5 and P-REC-10. The main difference from the articles of protectors of zinc magnesium and aluminum alloys is that the zinc alloys totally fireproof. In addition, when the protector zinc anodic dissolution does not pollute the working environment. For this reason, according to applicable standards for the protection of oil tankers used only from that of matter. Tread Zinc has proven effective in protecting against corrosion of both the outer and inner surface of the vessels. Studies show that for the tanks, which use zinc protector, do not repair or painting of metal required for the duration of their operation. Tread life of the zinc is from ten to thirty years, depending on operating conditions. Our product range includes zinc protectors of all sizes. In agreement with the customer, our experts can make products with the specified parameters. To order the zinc protector, you simply call us. Great experience and well-honed system of production allows us to sell zinc protector of excellent quality at a reasonable price. If necessary, we are ready to organize the delivery of the ordered goods by you.

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