Zinc protectors of various brands you will always find an assortment of our company. They are made of zinc alloy contact TSP1, TSP2 and TSP3. Designed zinc protectors for protection of various types of vessels and pipelines against corrosion due to exposure to seawater or fresh water. It should be noted that zinc protectors, unlike similar materials made of magnesium alloy or aluminum, have such properties as fire and explosion. That is why these products are used to protect against corrosion of oil storage tanks and tankers. Also important for the operating conditions and the fact that, when dissolved zinc protectors do not emit waste into the environment, thereby contaminating it. Since most of the steel structures are made of carbon or low-alloy steel, zinc protectors is the best suited to protect them from corrosion, as zinc electronegativity greater than that of steel. We produce protectors in full accordance with GOST. At all stages of our products undergo the strictest quality control, so it is on the technical characteristics is not inferior to foreign analogues, and sometimes even exceeds them. zinc protectors can be used on painted and unpainted surfaces of ships and other water metalwork. Many years of experience in the use of protectors shows that reservoirs in which they are used, not in need of repair due to corrosion during the entire period of operation. Lifetime zinc treads, depending on the application, ranging from five to thirty years. You can always order protectors in our company. Your order will take a skilled manager of our company, who will answer all questions about any products of our production. You can also order protectors zinc necessary for you size with the specified characteristics. Extensive experience and use the most modern equipment allow us to offer our customers only the finest quality product at a reasonable price.
We also supply aluminum and magnesium protectors of the following types: R-PHA-10, PHA-P-30, P-PHA-60, PHA-P-15, P-PHA-45, P-POM-4, P-POM- 10, P-POM-30, P-POM-60, P-ROM-0.8 P-ROM-3, P-ROM-6, F-POA-5, F-POA-9, P-ROA- 11, P-DOM-7, P-CCM-6, P-CCM-12, P-NLM-14, P-NLM-63, P-CAC-13, P-SC-1, P-KOA-1, P-KOA-1-1, II-3-1-CoA, P-KOA-5-1, P-COM-3, P-COM-6, P-KOA-4, P-KOA-8, P- KOA-12, P-KOA-20, P-KOA-10, P-COM-10.

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