Metal products and designs have always been in demand in various types of production. Its main property has played a crucial role in this. Insufficient resistance of steel to corrosion can be corrected by galvanizing, coating on the surface of metal parts zinc layer. One of the most common brands of zinc is zinc TS0A. It is used for the manufacture of zinc sheets, tapes, protectors to protect against corrosion. Zinc TS0A successfully used for galvanizing metal products by hot-dip galvanizing.
Also TS0A zinc is used as a material for anodes for electroplating. Zinc coating layer, in this case, the surface of the product occurs from the conductive surface by electrodeposition. After the solution was heated electrolyte an electric current, whereby the zinc is uniformly deposited on the surface of the article. Galvanic galvanizing method allows you to receive coverage of 20-30 microns thick. The treated parts are not only protected from corrosion, but also more durable. This galvanizing is one of the efficient and reliable forms of protection of metal structures against corrosion. Zinc Ts0a widely used metal, it is used in the manufacture of devices for automobiles, ships, aircraft. It is irreplaceable in the production of zinc alloy, needed for the production of zinc powder, zinc oxide.

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