Zinc wire - one of the many types of rolled zinc. Most often it is used to create the zinc coating sputtering method. Zinc wire is manufactured in accordance with the standards GOST 13073. According to GOST, zinc wire can have a diameter from 1.5 to 3.2 millimeters. When this limit value for the deviation of the wire diameter of from 1.5 to 2.3 mm is 0.06 mm, for the rest, this value cannot exceed 0.08 mm. Made of zinc wire with a circular cross-section, its roundness index cannot exceed the limit value deviation in the transverse diameter. Depending on the degree of manufacturing precision products are divided into normal and increased accuracy. Zinc wire of good quality should have a surface with no chips, scratches, cracks, oxidized portions and bundles. Visitors are allowed in the presence of residual grease surface. If necessary, we can cover languishing special preservative grease. Zinc wire is released batches, each of which consists of a wire of the same diameter and the chemical composition and manufacturing precision. At the party issued a document containing information about the manufacturer, batch weight, a wire and a party room.

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