Unprotected metal products are destroyed, need updating and replacing that annually leads to millions in losses. That is why there are many ways to protect the metal blanks, components and structures, such as galvanizing that uses zinc powder PTS2. Many metallic structures protected against corrosion by hot dip galvanizing. Immediately prior to the application of the zinc layer of the product is necessary to degrease, rinse, wash and carry out etching again. Details dipped in a bath of ceramic hot melt of zinc.

After galvanizing zinc surplus in the blanks removed in special centrifuges. Such a method is not suitable for the coating layer of zinc threaded parts and fasteners, small items, as are zinc nodules and threads need to eat through again. A method of hot-dip galvanizing is not suitable for high-strength steel grades of billets. Such articles and materials may be protected from corrosion thermodiffusion coating method in this process is also applied PTS2 zinc powder.
To protect against destruction of the metal parts and construction zinc-filled treated with a special composition. The composition of such paint coatings include various synthetic resins, polymers, varnishes, zinc powder. Apply a mixture of zinc bearing rollers, avoiding any kind of sprays, not to inhale zinc dust that can cause poisoning of the body. Zinc powder is used for galvanizing treatments diffuse in industries such as construction vessels, the automotive industry. Use it in the refining industry. He needs in the chemical industry, where zinc powder is used in the production of special and benzidine dyes, and zinc oxide.

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